Culture & BUSINESS PRIDE 2023

An incredible line-up of over 70 influential celebritiesand personalities havecometogether in support of the LGBTQ+ community for Culture & Business Pride 2023in the Canary Islands this year, including ‘champion of equality’Marc Angel, Drag Race USA winner Aquaria, and a whole host of TikTok stars.The packed schedule of events for the week comprised ofsix days of activities, discussions, events and workshops showcasing the work of the LGBTQ+ community in differentareas such as culture, business, science, and technology. All with a focus on advancing LGBTQ+ rights inthe Canaries.Of course a Pride celebration simply wouldn’t be complete without live music, and this year’s schedule of events no exception with free live performances from iconic groups including The Weather Girls, Dana International, Vanesa Martín and Jedet. But perhaps most exciting is the upcoming performance from legends of the 70s disco scene Village People, who are looking forward to getting the audience rocking out to their signature dance tracks this Friday July 27.

Lead frontman Victor Willis has been in the Canaries for a few days resting up in preparation for the show. And he’s now ready to “put out as much energy as possible” for the upcoming performance, as he said in an exclusive interview with MUST. “We alwayslook forward particularly to performing the cultural pride performances,” he explained. “We are always ready to be there, so the audience should be ready and we’re going to give a great show.” Under the slogan “Another way of Loving, another way of Pride,” Culture & Business Prideis an important meeting point and platform for change. So, let’s all join together, and let music, arts, culture, business and sciences unite us in honouring, celebrating and supportingthe LGBTQ+ community this Culture & Business Pride.

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CULTURE & BUSINESS PRIDE @culturebusinesspride

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